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Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox
A Clevercat Litterbox with a Clever Cat
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Clevercat® Top Entry Litterbox

Finally! A sensibly-priced litterbox for clever cats!

The Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox reduces up to 95% litter tracking and puts an end to flung litter. I no longer feel the litter under my feet when I walk into the bathroom. And guess what, it makes it tough for babies to play with the litter. And no more cat treats for the dogs.

And setup is easy! I install clevercat litterbox liner and add 2 to 3 inches of litter of my choice. I want Tabby comfy so I’ll put him inside to get him familiar with his new space. I’ll let him eliminate few times before placing the lid on the box. But after I am certain that Tabby is happy, I’ll place the lid on the box from that point on.

The beauty of Clevercat is that cleaning and maintenance is quick and easy. With the lid off, all I do is scoop the poop and dispose. Daily scooping and disposing is a good idea for Tabby’s health. Replacing the box liner and litter every 5 to 7 is not a bad idea either. The litterbox cleans easily with soapy water and rinsing. For the tracking mat, I use a brush.

Clevercat is great for Tabby, but made with the whole household in mind. With Clevercat, babies and toddlers can play with the cat and NOT the litter; overall cat litter odor is reduced; over-the-edge mess is no more; the litterbox appearance is inconspicuous; and it’s great for traveling.

But most of all, Tabby has a nice place to do his business in the privacy that he loves.

How to Use Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox

  • Cat hops onto top of litterbox and steps down inside through opening.
  • Cat takes care of business and exits through same opening.
  • When exiting across built-in tracking mat, litter is removed from cat's paws.
  • Clevercat® Litter box adjustment is quick and easy by following simple instructions.

Clevercat Litter box is Easy to Set Up

  1. Install Clevercat® litterbox liner and add 2" to 3" of any type litter.
  2. Put cat inside of uncovered litterbox to familiarize cat.
  3. Use without lid until cat has eliminated several times.
  4. Begin to use lid.

Cleaning and Maintenance is Simple

  • Scooping is quick and convenient with lid removed.
  • Scoop waste daily to maintain your cat's good health.
  • Replace liner & litter every 5 to 7 days.  (See Litterbox Liners below)
  • Wash with soapy water and rinse well as needed; use brush to clean tracking mat.

Clevercat is great for your cat and the family

  • Virtually DOG PROOF from most Dogs!
  • Virtually TODDLER & BABY PROOF!
  • Litter tracking nearly eliminated
  • Great for homes with both cats & dogs
  • No over-the-edge mess
  • Cats adapt quickly and easily
  • Odors reduced
  • Cats LOVE the privacy
  • Use any type of litter
  • For kittens to large cats
  • Neutral light gray color
  • 1 litterbox per 1 or 2 cats' use
  • Inconspicuous appearance
  • Great for traveling

Awards Received:

  • Pet Age Magazine: Pinnacle Award
  • Pet Product News: Editor's Choice Award
  • Cat Fancy Magazine: Editor's Choice Award

Clevercat Box Dimensions:

  • Size: 20"L x 15"W x 15"D
  • 9" diameter opening
  • Built-in tracking mat is flat removable lid
  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Light gray color
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